Ilparpa Valley
Situated 12km south of town, the Claypans supports a significant diversity of plants, animals, landforms and cultural heritage. The rare rainfalls filling the 12 ephemeral clay pans with water bring life to aquatic life like the shield shrimp.

Used by locals and visitors for a number of activities, it has resulted in significant negative impacts on the area’s natural value.
Clearing the Buffel Grass will prevent trees from burning in case of uncontrolled fire and also result in the growth of native plants whose seed banks are still in the ground.


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Kurrajong Update

In the valley opposite the eastern point of Kurrajong drive there is now nearly five acres of buffel-free botanical gardens with over 100 different...

Caring for Kurrajong

I look after a small area near the bus stop on east side of Kurrajong Drive. I started clearing Buffel around cork woods, Supplejack and iron woods...

Great local research – have a quick read!

The buffel kerfuffle: how one species quietly destroys native wildlife and cultural sites in arid Australia    

Ilparpa Claypans working bee

Ilparpa Claypans working bee , Sunday 4th of October Thank you to everyone coming along last Sunday to our Ilparpa Claypans working bee! Your...


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