Ankerre Ankerre (Coolibah Swamp)

Ankerre Ankerre (Coolibah Swamp) is central to Arrernte Mparntwe culture. Our priorities are to restore some integrity to the site, which is now dissected by arterial roads and drains, and covered in a mono culture of salt bush, introduced for dust control in the 1970’s.

We work to reduce the salt bush and grassy weeds to protect the ancient coolibahs from fire, open up the sight-lines, and advocate for the restoration of water flow. We aim to improve public appreciation of this extensive iconic site, which is  just 800 meters from the town center.

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Kurrajong Update

In the valley opposite the eastern point of Kurrajong drive there is now nearly five acres of buffel-free botanical gardens with over 100 different...

Caring for Kurrajong

I look after a small area near the bus stop on east side of Kurrajong Drive. I started clearing Buffel around cork woods, Supplejack and iron woods...

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Ilparpa Claypans working bee

Ilparpa Claypans working bee , Sunday 4th of October Thank you to everyone coming along last Sunday to our Ilparpa Claypans working bee! Your...

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