Local groups

Ankerre Ankerre

Ankerre Ankerre (Coolibah Swamp) is central to Arrernte Mparntwe culture. Our priorities are to restore some integrity to the site, which is now dissected by arterial roads and drains and covered in a monoculture of saltbush,  introduced for dust control in the 1970’s. We work to: reduce the saltbush and grassy weeds to protect the ancient coolibahs from fire, open up the sight-lines, and advocate for the restoration of water flow. We aim to improve public appreciation of this extensive iconic site, which is just 800 meters from the town center.

Picturesque hills surrounding Kurrajong Drive linking to Telegraph Station.

Landcare members work in the hills to protect areas from fire and aid regeneration.

Ilparpa Valley
Situated 12km south of town, the Claypans supports a significant diversity of plants, animals, landforms and cultural heritage. The rare rainfalls filling the 12 ephemeral clay pans with water bring life to aquatic life like the shield shrimp. Used by locals and visitors for a number of activities, it has resulted in significant negative impacts on the area’s natural value.
Clearing the Buffel Grass will prevent trees from burning in case of uncontrolled fire and also result in the growth of native  plants whose seed banks are still in the ground.
Todd River
The large established trees and new growth require ongoing removal of introduced Buffel Grass. The maintenance protects and helps to restore native species.
Spencer Valley
AS Landcare is committed to the long-term rehabilitation of Spencer Valley. Spencer Valley Landcare volunteers work to protect and restore the natural environment.
Dixon park is situated between two sacred sites and trees of significance.> Plantings and ongoing removal of introduced Buffel grass protects and helps to restore native species in Dixon and Maynard parks.